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Individual Cup



World Class Track





Of Europe's best 
pilots competing for
the  ERSA
Euro Cup Title
world class race track with features such as the
High Gate,
Split-S and Tunnel. Its technical and fast.
As the sun sets, the track is transformed into a spectacular illuminated race track
Only 1 pilot will be crowned the ERSA Euro Cup Champion 2016

Qualification is via any of the 23 Euro Cup Qualifiers being held across the continent. Only pilots who earn a place at the finals will be eligable to compete. 

If you haven't yet qualified but would like to, please visit the ERSA website where a full list of qualifying events still to be held can be found. 

Pilot Information
Tramp hv 
technical information

Visit ERSA website Here

Full copy of the ERSA rule set
can be downloaded here
  • Frame
  • Power:
  • Props:
  • VTX:
  • Control:
180 - 290 mm
3S - 4S
7" Max
Analog or Digital 
2.4 Ghz
Drone Specification
Competition Format
  • Heats of 8 pilots
  • Points based qualifying rounds
  • Top 64 go through to knockout stage
  • Day & night racing
  • ERSA Rule set version 1.1.2
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